GeoMAC Layers

The layer list can be accessed by clicking on the Data Layers drop down menu located in the upper left hand corner of the map.

Descriptions of each layer can be displayed by clicking on the individual layer name in the table below.

The layer within the GeoMAC mapping application is turned on/off at different scale levels to minimize processing time. Some layers are displayed at all scale levels, while other layers will only appear when zoomed-in to a particular scale level.

The following table displays at what scale the layers are turned on and/or off. Click on a Layer name to get Map Layer Information.


(Max) Scale

(Min) Scale

Current Fires - -
Complex Points - -
Current Fire Perimeters - -
Latest Perimeters 1:5 million -
MODIS Thermal Satellite 1:18 million 1:140,000
HMS Thermal Satellite 1:15 million 1:200,000
All Current Year Fires - -
Previous Perimeters - -
Previous MODIS 1:18 million 1:140,000
2002 through 2018 Fires - -
Historic Fire Perimeters 1:10 million -
Land Ownership - PADUS 1:3 million 1:100,000
Wildland-Urban Interface 1:12 million -
RAWS Weather Stations 1:18 million -
SNOTEL Sites 1:18 million -

(-) - indicates no scale limit